I decided to quit procrastinating, stop being lazy and clean my room and reorganize some things. For some reason one of the best feelings after a semester is to put the books I have been using throughout that semester up on my bookshelf. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes it final that the semester is done and I don’t need those books anymore. As I was organizing my bookshelf to make these books fit I decided to just go ahead and clean out my desk and all my drawers. 

As I was looking through my desk I stumbled upon stacks on stacks of old cards, notes and letters given to me by people throughout the years. I couldn’t help but read through them. It was extremely nostalgic and took me back to each stage of life and season I was in when I received each one. 

Then I found a letter given to me by my mom. This was written to me when I was leaving for Discipleship Training School in Hawaii to discern my calling into ministry. That was a pinnacle moment of my life to this day and I remember exactly how I felt before making the decision to go. 

As I was reading the letter I started to choke up. Every word was so encouraging and I knew it was a piece of her heart for me. It was so comforting to be reminded of how encouraging my mom is in my journey and how she has never stopped pushing me and rooting me on. 

Today I was just reminded how thankful I am for people like my mom and others around me that have never stopped loving me and encouraging me in all that I do. God is so good and I can’t thank Him enough for putting these supporters in my life to give me strength through the years. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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