Maybe it’s because today was my first Sunday since being on break, but I was just filled with joy and energy all day. Woke up feeling good and had excitement to see what God had in store. He had a lot in store for sure. I was able to witness evidences of God all throughout church today.

In our morning service we had a group of our adult members who formed a band perform during offering. It was really cool to see a group of men coming together throughout their busy schedules to form this band, practice and then perform. It was really motivational to see these individuals having the heart to worship God despite the level of talent or skill, their heart was evident.

After first service one of our older members came up to me and told me she found my blog and has been reading the posts. Honestly, I would have never expected that, so it really put a smile on my face to know she went out of her way to listen to what I had to say. As she was holding my hand she told me how much she has been blessed through the posts. Hearing something like that truly is humbling and makes me take a step back and give thanks to God.

With Christmas just around the corner the youth group has been preparing for our Christmas Eve program. Last minute a group of my boys decided they wanted to do an acapella song and they wanted me to be their conductor. So actually I have always had a dream since I was little to conduct a performance, I don’t know why I have had this dream because I do not know anything about music and not musically talented, but it’s just something I have always wanted to do. So getting this random offer to have my dream come true was super exciting 🙂

That put me in the greatest mood ever and it continued throughout the day. Then it was time for 1:30 service and I was excited for my sermon today because it’s been something that God has put on my heart recently and I couldn’t wait to share. Today’s service was really special to me because the recent high school graduates joined in the service along side our current Refresh members. As I was standing before them giving the message I was filled with a thankful heart to have the privilege to be in the same room with all of these people who mean the world to me, worshipping God all together.

Even after the service more and more great things kept happening to me and I couldn’t stop encountering God. Through the 7 hours I was at church today there wasn’t a moment I didn’t feel the joy of the Lord and His presence. Today was one of those days that really put everything back in perspective.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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