Something you learn as you are in ministry is that when you get a phone call from one of your members late at night, it’s probably not to talk about happy things. Late night phone calls make your heart skip a couple beats and say a simple prayer before picking it up. That’s what happened tonight. I’m sitting there, my phone goes off and I just knew it couldn’t be good. 

So randomly tonight we had an icy rain storm that covered the roads in black ice in the matter of hours. Then I get a call from one of my Refresh members, but the ironic thing was he accidentally called me. I picked up and there was no reply so I thought it was just a butt dial but something didn’t feel right so I called again. That’s when he said in a rush that he just got in an accident and that he would call me back.

I started to get really worried because I didn’t know any details and all that I knew was that he had some youth kids in his car. I kept calling but no answer and then I finally got a hold of them. Thankfully no one got hurt. But the problem was that the roads were only getting worse. 

But somehow the place they got in the accident was literally on the same street as my house not even half a mile away. So I was able to pick up the youth kids and bring them to my house as the driver figured out the situation and afterwards he came to my house too so he didn’t have to drive to his house which would have taken another 15 minutes. 

Even though it was a bad situation I’m thankful it happened right next to me so they could find safety at my house and sleep over so they didn’t have to drive on the bad roads. I’m thankful I was able to help and that everyone was okay. Even in this situation God was good. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?


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