I have finished all my finals and wrote all my papers and now the semester has finally come to a close. I don’t know why but this finals season has been the most challenging for me, but in more ways than just academically. In the moment I honestly was dreading it but looking back now I’m extremely thankful for this time. God has revealed to me so much that I really needed to face.

For some reason the end of this semester was really challenging mentally and spiritually. I dealt with being the most unmotivated I’ve been my whole college semester and not being a good steward as a student. It’s been a time where God has really challenged me and a time where I had to challenge myself.

I’ve learned a lot about myself as a student but ultimately as a person. I was able to see sides of myself I haven’t seen and be aware of my weaknesses. So far the past 2 years at Cincinnati Christian University has been a time where academically and as a student I have been doing better than I could have ever dreamed of. I learned a lot about my strengths that I never knew I had and realized the potential I carry.

But this time around it was a time where I was challenged. I realized I am my biggest enemy and that I have weaknesses I must overcome. This semester has been like the refiners fire of my college career. A time of shaping and molding to be better. I have been humbled like crazy and I am thankful God took me on this challenging ride.

I believe that all that I’ve been going through internally is going to help me grow to be better. Through this semester I have learned so much about myself and if it wasn’t for the rough patches this would have never happened. I am thankful for all the seasons, the ups and the downs because through it all God has something for me.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “LEARNING

  1. Ahava Elle says:

    College is hard! I am glad to hear you pressed through! Prayers for the future!!!

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