Honestly yesterday and today have been real struggles. I have a lot I need to do but I just cannot get myself motivated enough to finish everything and therefore more and more keeps piling on my plate causing my stress level to increase. To be honest I’m very disappointed in myself for not being able to get my papers and assignments done in the timing I told myself. 

I don’t know what it is but my brain is just not turning as fast as usual. With it being finals this is not a good time for this to happen. It really hit me today. As I was trying to complete my paper, everything I was writing wasn’t satisfactory. It got to a point where I just really wanted to give up. That’s when randomly my phone rang. 

It was one of my closest brothers who lives in Atlanta now. He just called randomly to say hello, but that call really put a smile on my face which was much needed. The moment I felt like giving up this random phone call was what I needed to get my spirits up. 

Ironically he was the one I would always confide in and talk to during hard times when he still lived in Cincinnati. It brought me memories when I would be stressed out for finals and he would come to Starbucks and we would just talk and laugh together. 

Through him and our conversation God reminded me I have people rooting me on. That I’m not alone and I shouldn’t beat myself up. That I need to smile and find joy even when it’s difficult to. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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