For one of my finals I have to write a paper and do a presentation on an organization of my choice that is impacting the community. I spent a lot of time researching all different types of ministries and non-profits but one in particular really caught my eye. The organization is called “Upspring” and their mission is to empower children experiencing homelessness by proving opportunities for education and enrichment.

The reason I picked this organization was because last year in one of my classes I came to realize how bad Cincinnati is impacted with poverty and homelessness, especially with children. I didn’t know more than half of the population of children in my city are facing poverty, which is the second highest rate in the country. When I discovered this last year it really broke my heart that right in my backyard there are countless number of children deprived of opportunities that so many people take advantage of.

After learning this I was really interested in knowing what is happening to combat these issues. So for this final project, since I had the freedom to choose any organization I wanted to find one that was specifically targeting this problem.

Today I had a meeting with Upspring where I was able to go to their office and talk to some of their leaders and learn more about what they are doing. In the hour I was there I was truly mind blown. To be brutally honest, yeah my heart breaks for these kids but I haven’t been doing anything about it. But these people at Upspring are moved into action through their conviction and are doing everything possible to enrich children all around the city. They aren’t doing this for the pay or just as a job but they are doing this out of true compassion.

It was a blessing to meet individuals that are pouring their everything, day in and day out, to impact the lives of our children. Each person I talked to today I could see the passion in their eyes and the love in their hearts for these children.

I was really challenged today. Challenged to not just think or talk about things but actually do something about it. To not have pity but rather care and love. Even though this organization isn’t religiously affiliated, they are resembling Christ to the fullest. Reaching out to the marginalized and living out grace and mercy. I want to live a life like that.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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