With it being the month of Christmas I thought it would be appropriate to have our Bible study for Refresh tonight focused on Jesus. The reality is, being Christian and especially growing up in the church, Jesus Christ is always talked about. He is the center of everything. But since Jesus is always the center of attention we tend to be desensitized to Jesus and even at times devalue who He truly is. Also we may only look at Jesus through the lens of the church and what we think we are to see Him as rather than through a personal and intimate perspective.

The first question of tonight was a simple but much needed one. “Who is Jesus to you personally?” We can all give the Sunday school answer of Jesus being the savior, messiah, son of God etc. But I believe it’s really important to identify who He is personally and what role He has in our lives. How does Jesus impact my daily life? Is He just a character from history or do I interact with him on an every day basis?

It was really nice being able to discuss my thoughts, express myself and remind myself of these simple truths. To take a step back and set my eyes on Him again. Also it was a blessing to hear input from my fellow brothers and sisters and to see them challenge themselves.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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