I feel like at the end of every semester when’s it’s close to finals week I enter into a very reflective and contemplative mode where I think about why I go through all this stress and hard work. It usually begins with me asking myself why I do this to myself but end up always realizing the purpose and goodness behind it. These past two weeks for me has been that time of deep thought and pushing through.

Every semester God doesn’t fail to give me confirmation and comfort to keep me motivated in what I’m called to do as a student. For this semester today was a day of confirmation. Confirmation that I am meant to be at the university I am and confirmation that God has a plan for me here and is wanting to continue to do more through me in ways I would have never expected. It all happened through random handshakes.

After my first class I was packing up my bag when one of my classmates came up to me sticking his hand out going for a handshake. I shook his hand slightly confused with an awkward look on my face. I had no idea why he was shaking my hand. Then he asked me if I wanted to speak at “Family” next semester. He was one of the members on the board that chooses people to lead for Family. So Family is a student body led worship service that happens every Wednesday in our chapel. Students get chosen to lead praise and an individual gets picked to give the sermon.

I was a little blown away. So in the past 2 years I’ve been at this school I haven’t really had a presence. It was to the point even this semester where people would come up to me and ask me if I went to the school or if I was new. And I have been okay with that because for some reason I didn’t want to get to involved because honestly my heart wasn’t really invested into my school. But that has changed this semester. I have been really desiring to be more intentional and to be a part of this community. So to get this offer was an honor and a blessing. It was also confirmation that God wanted to use me and taking me out of my comfort zone here.

That was a pretty cool way to start my day but it didn’t end there. For my last class of the day I had to do my final presentation for the class. In this class I only know a handful of people on a personal level. Most of my classmates don’t really know who I am. But today it was a great privilege to be able to come before them and reveal sides of myself, since I believe public speaking is an avenue of mine for self expression.

But the thing is I didn’t really prepare so I just banked on my BS skills and my personality to give a good presentation lol. I started saying things off script and after one statement I made the whole class including my professor blew up in laughter which was not expected at all. In that moment I feel like I was able to express my true self and it was honestly really comforting to be accepted in such a way.

After class was over I proceeded to leave when multiple people I’ve never talked to came to shake my hand and give me compliments. It was a little overwhelming but at the same time it felt good to know that people appreciated my presentation but more importantly who I was.

Overall it was a great day. A day where I have been reminded that I belong here. That this isn’t just a place where I attend for classes but a place that I can call my school also. This is where I belong and where God wants me. I am thankful.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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