This past week my mind has been running nonstop. Constantly have things I’m thinking about that I need to get done. There hasn’t been a day I went to sleep before 5am. The end of this semester is really starting to get the best of me.

Today I told myself I will take time off from studies in the day so I can get some errands done and hopefully find rest doing so. That wasn’t the case. While I was doing other things school was still on my mind. It was like that all the way up until church.

To be honest I was extremely unmotivated to go to youth group tonight. I even contemplated skipping out and getting some possible rest before doing more work tonight, but I really felt convicted so I went.

For the whole first half I was extremely disctracted. It was hard for me to think about anything other than the work I had to do afterwards. Then we entered into a time of worship and that’s when everything changed.

I wasn’t intentional but something just clicked within me. In an instance my heart changed and my mind was freed. The only thing I could think about was God. I escaped from all my pre-existing thoughts and set my eyes upon God and God only. I don’t know how it happened so easily but it did.

The Holy Spirit truly moved and instilled in me a heart of worship. In that moment the only thing I desired was to sing from the top of my lungs and praise God. To be in His presence and to not care about everything that was going on in my head but rather focus on what God was trying to do in my heart.

Tonight I was reminded once again the importance of coming back to the heart of worship. Coming to the feet of Jesus and laying everything else aside. To take a moment and just gaze upon the Father and give Him what I can. Worship is a necessity.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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