It was a truly blessed Thanksgiving/birthday weekend. Being able to spend a few days with all my family and especially getting to hangout with my cousins from Atlanta was amazing. For me spending quality time with family is one of the greatest gifts.

Something that really hit me this Thanksgiving was how much has changed, how much we have grown. My cousin just got married in September and it was the first Thanksgiving with him and his wife as a married couple. My other cousin just got a new job down in Atlanta, and for me this is the most busiest I have been in ministry. It really hit me today that we aren’t all kids anymore.

Today was our last day with our Atlanta cousins before they headed back down, so we spent the whole day together. What really got me was when we were at breakfast with all our families and my cousin took the check and paid for us. Then for dinner my other cousin paid.

It doesn’t seem like much but it was a blessing to see how much has changed. All our lives we have received from our parents but to now see my cousins in a place where they are giving really touched my heart. Just a simple gesture like buying a meal for the family is a way to show love and a way to give back.

It’s amazing how God takes us through earlier years and seasons to learn and then puts us in a time where we can apply what we have learned. It really is a beautiful thing to take a step back and witness the growth that happens in our lives and in the lives around us. God is always preparing us and giving us opportunities to love and live like Jesus did.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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