Ever since a couple weeks ago one of my uncles kept talking about his glory days when he used to be a great bowler. The funny thing is he is the most humble man I have ever known, so to hear him bragging about something was a surprise. So we decided since our family will be in town for thanksgiving we will all go out bowling together. Today was the day.

As cousins we’ve been bowling together many times but as a whole family with the adults included today was the first, and oh boy was it a good time. I saw my mom bowl for the first time in my life and that was hilarious, she even got a strike. I was able to witness the competitive side come out of the most unexpected people. In the midst of it all what I was really grateful for was that my dad was able to hangout with us and be part of the fun even though he couldn’t bowl.

In the two hours we were at the bowling alley it was a time of pure joy. It was a time as a family where we didn’t have any distractions and the only thing we cared about was the moment. Being with eachother sharing laughs, high fives and occasional frustration. What a blessing it was to be unified in fun.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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