Ever since the beginning of high school there is something I have never left the house with, a watch. I first started wearing watches because I thought it was cool but throughout the years I found myself wearing a watch for specific reasons. I really value time and find beauty in time, it’s amazing to know that as the hands of my watch are moving everything in this world is in motion, including God’s hands. But on a less poetic and more realistic note I wear a watch is because I like to be punctual lol.

Today I made a huge mistake that I’ve probably only made a few times through the years, leave the house without a watch. As I was driving to meet my friend for lunch I looked down and my wrist was naked, no watch, just a tan line showing me what was missing. For me this is one of the weirdest physical feelings ever. But I didn’t have time to go back to the house and I had plans right after lunch, so I knew I had to go through the day watchless. It may not seem like a big deal but I was really bummed. Some may say atleast I have my phone but something I really hate doing is continuously looking at my phone when I’m with others.

As I was eating lunch, grabbing coffe and having great conversation with my friend it hit me. Time is not as important as I thought. In reality checking the time constantly can cause not being able to spend quality time with someone and embracing the moment. That revelation continued throughout the night.

I was invited to our youth pastor’s home for dinner with other amazing people. We spent the evening eating delicious food, watching a movie, playing games and in awesome conversation. I found myself not worrying about what time it was, rather enjoying the fun filled evening. I got to their house at 4 and left at 12:30. Time flew by.

Today God has revealed to me the importance of embracing and taking advantage of every minute and every moment that He places in front of me. Not to look ahead but rather to be present in the current. This has been a much needed lesson for a person like me who always is planning ahead. Who would have thought that by not wearing a watch such a revelation would occur. God is amazing in the ways in which He disciplines His children.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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