Something I am guilty of this past week is that I haven’t been thinking about God. To the point that I was almost intentional in not thinking about Him. I didn’t want to listen to worship music, didn’t want to pray and rather just wanted time for myself. I find myself doing this when dealing with rough patches, trying to overcome on my own. Through all this I have seen the negative fruits, the distance from God and the loneliness that formed. But I am thankful God has revealed that to me, so I can hurry and snap out of it and come back to where I belong.

It hit me today. God really challenged me and put the conviction in my heart to get out of this funk I’m in. But the change I made today wasn’t anything drastic. All God wanted me to do was think about Him, constantly have Him on my mind. That’s what I challenged myself to do, and I saw the positive effects.

Just by thinking about God over and over again my mindset changed. I encountered peace and joy because I was aware of God. Today I learned once again the importance of always having God on my mind. When God is the priority in your thoughts other things start to fade away and things start to settle back into place.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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