After a day of classes I was so excited on my way home because I realized I had nothing on my schedule for the rest of the day. I was looking forward to taking it easy and not doing anything, but of course that’s too good to be true.

My parents and my sister were at an appointment for my dad but it was taking much longer than expected and my sister needed to go to work but they only took one car. So I had to hurry and get home, take her car and go to the office. To be honest I was a little bummed but it was okay since I could go be with my dad.

The appointment was at a clinic that makes prosthetics and braces. I didn’t think much about it going in but when I walked in and saw the work that they did I was mind blown. These people actually make all of the braces and prosthetics in the office. It was cool getting to see them do tests and fittings for my dad so he can get a leg brace to help him walk and improve his recovery and performance.

As I was sitting there seeing everything and soaking it all in, it really hit me. To know that these people use their talents and skills to literally help people walk in their every day lives. Many of us take walking for granted but witnessing my dad all my life struggling with polio in his left leg and then with him breaking his femur I have seen what a struggle life can be without the ability to fully walk.

So to know that there are people in this world God is using to help individuals to have the ability to walk was such a blessing. There are so many gifts and talents God give us and to encounter people that use these gifts and talents to positively impact the lives of others truly is amazing.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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