It has officially been 11 months since my dad has hid injury and has been out of work. All in all it’s been difficult with various challenges and hardships on him and the family. What a journey it has been and continues to be. But the hardest thing for me personally has been the fact that my dad hasn’t been to church since the injury in last December.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my dad has been to church. It’s really hard to see someone you love so much and look up to in faith slowly grow apart from the church. But today, as random as it could get he decided to start coming back.

It was probably one of the biggest blessings yet this year to be able to sit in church with my dad once again in the presence of the Lord. It’s been hard going to church every week knowing my dad is just at home, so to finally be able to be side by side with him again in the Lord’s home on a Sunday morning was absolutely amazing.

It brought tears to my eyes seeing everyone come up to him with smiles on their faces and tears welling up telling him how much they have been praying for him and how joyful they are to see him at church again. In the same way I was rejoicing also. But what I came to think about was how joyful God must have been this morning. To see His son come back home where he belongs, in the presence of the Father. I can guarantee God looked down upon him with a smile today.

I’m thankful God never stopped working in my dad’s heart. I’m thankful that through these months He has never given up on him. I’m thankful that in His perfect timing our prayers were answered.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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