With a big exam coming up tomorrow I was pretty overwhelmed and anxious. It was the only thing I could think about all day. But I had to take a break for our Refresh servant leadership team meeting tonight. To be honest I wasn’t really feeling it and didn’t have the motivation or excitement to go. Before going I made a list of things we had to go over so we could make it quick and I could get back to studying.

But the moment we started the meeting it couldn’t have been any more different than what I have expected. Being around a table with my brothers and sisters put me in a true place of peace. In that moment all my distractions and burdens disappeared and the only thing on my mind was serving God with these people.

That’s when I realized how blessed I am to have such a team. To have these brothers and sisters I can walk with in serving our ministry and ultimately God. This team is a true work of God. He brought 6 individuals all from different places in faith, walks of life etc. with one passion, which is to serve Him.

This team is something new to Refresh. We’ve never had a leadership this big and this diverse. So I started off a little nervous not knowing how this will all work out. But tonight God really gave me His eyes to see this team the way He does and filled me with an excitement to do His will as one body. I am so thankful for these guys stepping up and accepting God’s heart to serve and I’m so thankful I can be a part of this.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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