Once a semester I get invited to speak at this Christian Korean Ministry at the University of Cincinnati. Tonight was that night. It’s always a blessing and a privilege to give a message there because it’s challenging but at the same time really allows me to step out of my comfort zone, be vulnerable and be used by God is different ways. The reasons it’s challenging is because the group is all international Korean students, almost all in the same college of music, and I have to give the sermon in Korean. I can’t fully relate to them and understand what they go through because of our differences but through that God allows me to fully rely on Him.

Preaching in Korean is one of my biggest insecurities but every time I do it I find myself truly fully relying on God and not on myself. Tonight God proved to me once more how much He can move when I allow Him to move and not myself. When I got contacted over a month ago to speak in an instant I felt like I knew exactly what God wanted me to speak on without any hesitation. I believed that he wanted me to give a sermon I have have on the past at a different time on fear.

But the thing about me is that I really do not like to give the same sermon twice. It’s something I really don’t do for various reasons. So when God told me He wanted me to give a sermon I gave before I didn’t really want to but for some reason I just knew this is what He wanted me to do.

Once I started speaking tonight it was evident that this really was what God wanted to reveal and speak to this group of people. After my message multiple people said this is what they have been needing to hear. In that moment all I could do was give glory to God and truly be humbled. God knew exactly what His children needed and He used me through my brokenness and insecurities to deliver. Tonight I was reminded what it means to be obedient and to follow God’s lead and not my own.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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