Today for our public study class we had discussion on the topic of money, which will be our theme for the week. More specifically the focus is how the use of our money can play a part into our community and how the affects us being the good neighbor God calls us to be.

Our professor emphasized the importance of keeping our dollar in the community, so to spend our money locally to help the local economy rather than spending into big corporations and such. The reason behind that is because spending locally pours directly into the community and through that comes many positive fruits. For example growth in local business leads to more supply and demand which leads to more need from local suppliers and by being more busy that means a need for more employees which gives greater job opportunities to the local community. That is one example of how spending money locally can help the community you are living in.

This concept really touched my heart personally because I come from a family of small business owners. My dad owns a shoe repair business, as well as my uncle and my other uncle owns a dry cleaners all in our community. First hand I have experienced the impact of spending locally and I have lived the positive fruits. If it wasn’t for people coming to my dad’s local business I wouldn’t be able to live the life that I live. Through people’s local spending we are able to have food on our table, clothes on our back and education.

But to be honest I have never really thought too deeply in how much that has effected me until today. I honestly have taken it for granted and haven’t done my part fully in doing the same for others that people have done for me and my family.

God is good and he gave me the opportunity to do so today. My afternoon class got cancelled so I had time that freed up, so I decided to spend time with my parents. We went to a local family owned cafe for lunch and then went to this historical old town 15 minutes from home to walk around and buy some things. Every store we went into was locally owned and the products were from the community. It was amazing how the person working the register was the one getting affected positively by the money we were spending. It was going directly to them and their family and business.

Today God has revealed that being the good neighbor He has called us to be isn’t just spiritual but something we can physically do as well. Many people view money as evil but in reality the right use of money can be an instrument in being the good neighbor, and can allow us to bless others and ultimately the community.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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