For our church the first Sunday of every month is Communion Sunday. Therefore today was the day for our church to take the body and blood and be reminded of what Jesus has done for us. But today was special for me and different than previous Communion Sundays.

So it’s been almost a year since we have started our 1:30 service. This is the service for our Refresh community to come worship God on Sunday’s. Since I lead the service but not ordained yet I actually cannot administer communion, and our senior pastor’s schedule doesn’t allow him to have time to attend the service, so sadly we haven’t been able to do communion during this service. But that changed today.

This summer we were blessed with a new youth pastor who actually has a local pastors license through the UMC therefore he is able to administer communion. He is a busy man and isn’t responsible for Refresh but he willingly offered to do communion for us once a week starting this month.

It was truly a privilege and blessing to finally have the opportunity to take communion as a community of Refresh. It was such a heart warming experience this afternoon being able to take part of such an important gesture as one body and family. For me personally it was a reminder that God gave me, a reminder of why we are a community, ministry and family. All because of Jesus and God’s love for us.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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