I took a pretty big “next step” in my path towards my calling in ministry in the United Methodist Church today. Ever since receiving my calling to be a pastor I’ve known that I wanted to pursue and achieve that goal in my denomination of the UMC. But I also knew that doing that in the UMC takes a process that needs to be done, known as the candidacy/ordination process. Recently a lot of pastors and mentors have been telling me to start my process now since I already know that this is what I truly want to do, but I haven’t gotten myself to get to it. The reason being is because I personally don’t know anyone doing it at my age and in undergrad and also because it just seemed intimidating. But after many conversations and times of prayer I have decided to be intentional in pursuing this path.

Today I had a meeting with our district superintendent to propose my interest and intent in beginning. Long story short the meeting went very well and now I will be taking the next steps needed in beginning my ordination process. It’s crazy that all this is starting to happen in my life and that God is really pushing me towards the direction that He desires for me.

But what really stuck out to me during the meeting was sharing my testimony. That was the first thing they asked me, “what is your call into ministry”. I have shared my testimony countless number of times but today was different. While I was sharing it felt much more than me sharing my story but rather God telling His story and His works He has been doing in my life, to me. Everything I was sharing was a testimony of the hands of God active in my life that at times I have forgotten or overlooked.

Being able to tell my testimony but at the same time listen to it as well was a reminder of God’s works in my life. The revelation I received was understanding that everything God has done in me so far was to prepare me for this next step and whatever happens now will be in preparation for the other steps to come.  I have been reminded today how thankful I am for God working in my life and how thankful I am that He is not near being finished. I am excited to know that God is continuously opening up doors and opportunities to further my calling in ministry.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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