We took our youth group to a United Pursuit concert tonight and what a blessing it was. To this moment I cannot believe I experienced that tonight. It was such an amazing opportunity of worship and personal healing and rejuvenation.

United Pursuit has always been a band that I enjoyed listening to and worshipping to. The biggest reason is because of their style. They are so simplistic and repetitive and at the same time have so much depth in their lyrics that really hit home to me. Their music has helped me a lot in the past and even now get through difficult times and rejoice in good ones. But to actually get to worship with them live was just amazing.

It was really interesting how God moved in my heart personally tonight. For some reason as I soon as I got home from classes today I felt really abnormally burdened and anxious which caused me to not be excited for the concert at all. I thought this feeling would go away but it stayed with me even when we entered into the venue. I couldn’t find my place of joy. But we got there an hour before it started to get good spots so it gave me a lot of time to be in prayer.

It was hard at first to even pray and get my heart prepared to worship but eventually I found that personal place with me and God. I asked Him to give me the strength to overcome all the negative emotions and have my eyes set upon Him and allow Him to do His will in me. And that is exactly what happened.

As soon as the first song began I felt true freedom. Everything was lifted and my heart started to burn to worship. I was able to find that place of intimacy with God and come before Him vulnerable and hungry.

It was such a great time to let all my burdens go and be reminded of what it means to worship my Father once again. But what also really moved me was being able to look around and seeing the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ from all different backgrounds cry out to our Father. It was such a beautiful experience to be unified as one body of Christ to give God the worship and praise He truly deserves.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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