I can’t believe next week will already be November. This year has been flying by but through the months God has been revealing Himself to me and pouring down amazing blessings. But I believe that I am currently living through the biggest blessing yet of this year, which is growing together with my group of friends from school.

Almost every day in the past month God has given me the opportunity to draw closer to this group of friends that I would have never imagined to have but through every moment I have realized I can call them family. Tonight was that pinnacle moment where I cannot be more thankful for these brothers and sisters God has placed in my life.

We have came to be through our public theology concentration. There is only 6 of us and only 1 professor who is assigned to this concentration. It’s amazing how all of us, even through our differences truly connect and have become one body. Tonight our professor invited us to her home for dinner and fellowship and it was a truly beautiful time.

I have realized that we are more than just a class but something much more beyond the walls of a classroom. I am thankful to have a professor like her who doesn’t just want to teach us but pour into our lives. For her to open her home and bring us into her family and introduce us to her husband and cook a meal for us showed us that she was opening her heart. By doing that I believe we were able to open up our hearts as well and take that deeper step into an intentional community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

After dinner my friends and I went to a coffee shop and talked for a couple hours. I am so grateful to have a community where we can truly talk about God, our faith and the challenges we face and walk through it together. It’s unbelievable how the moment I felt like I was lacking a true Christ centered community I can be a part of rather than lead, God provided.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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