Something I struggled a lot with growing up all the way until recent years is having the separation between “church friends” and “school friends”. Having two communities I was a part of wasn’t the problem. The issue was that I acted a different way and became a different person according to what group I was with. The biggest factor in that was having God at the center of the community or not.

I thought coming to a Christian university that would change, but in reality for a couple of years it didn’t. I still had a clear line that separated my community in school and the way I acted and my church community. I never really felt comfortable or free enough to completely be myself when I was at school. But all that has changed this past year. Today is when it really hit me.

Every Wednesday night we have a student led chapel service at my school but the truth is I haven’t been to a single one in the couple years I have been at this school. One of the biggest reasons was because I have Refresh every Wednesday and didn’t feel the need to go to another service afterwards. But that is me just being lazy. The true reason is because I never really felt completely apart of my school community and didn’t have the desire to attend a service with people I didn’t really know.

But this past year I have started to really form a community within school and have gained many amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. Tonight one of my friends was speaking at the service and I felt this conviction to just go. So after spending the first portion of my evening with my church community of Refresh I went to school for chapel.

Something that I realized tonight while at chapel was that I could completely be myself. I actually felt apart of the community rather than an outlier. That’s when I realized how thankful I am to have two communities where I am able to encounter God. To have the ability to grow in faith with two diverse groups of friends and have God be the center in both.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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