I was supposed to have a paper due this Thursday for my Pentateuch class and since I wouldn’t have much time tomorrow to work on it because of Refresh I had my day all planned out so I can try to get it done today. But God is good and this morning in class my professor said he wanted to give us more time and he pushed it back to next week. So since I didn’t have to work on it today I started thinking about what other assignments and things for church I can do ahead of time since I had some free time.

I wanted to take advantage and work on whatever I could, but God had different plans. As I was sitting in my living room contemplating what I needed to do my parents asked if I wanted to go out to dinner tonight. At first I was a little hesitant because I wanted to get work done but I realized I haven’t gotten the chance to eat with my family since Thursday because of conflicting schedules and the next time I would be free for dinner would be either Saturday or Sunday. So I decided to say yes and put everything else aside.

Boy am I so glad I did. From dinner to grocery shopping with the family my heart was overflowing with unexpected joy. Just being with them and spending quality time I felt true peace with nothing else on my mind but happiness. It was much needed. I was able to let loose and my goofy side came out to the point where my family asked me if something was wrong lol.

Through change of plans God gave me an opportunity to be rejuvenated. God allowed me to pump the brakes for a second and just enjoy the moment. I am thankful for moments like these where God gives me the opportunities to be filled with good vibes.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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