Every week for my public theology class we focus on a specific topic. Last week was food, before that was time and this week is silence. We dig deep into what these things mean to us personally and then how we can implement that in our community.

As I was doing my reading this morning on silence and having our class discussion God really moved in my heart. This element of silence is something I never really looked into too much or have applied it in my faith. The only thing I have done in the past is silent prayer but that’s about it but even that has been a challenge for me.

The reason such things as silent prayer has been difficult is because we live in a society where silence is avoided as much as possible. We tend to look as silence as a negative thing and have this idea that something must always be going on.

That is where God really gave me conviction this morning. I’m the type of person who believes busy is good, and I always try my best to be doing something, staying active either physically or mentally through my thoughts.

But what I learned today is that silence is much more than just being silent externally but internally as well. To calm our minds and hearts and to be receptive. That concept is what really hit home for me. To be receptive. To be able to be in the presence of God and be still, be calm, be quiet, be silent and receive rather than always just trying to “do”.

This also can be applied to our relationships and especially our conversations with one another. Especially being in ministry I have felt this pressure that whenever someone comes to me to talk I always need to have an answer. This leads to me always thinking about what to say when in conversation rather than being present and fully listening. How are we supposed to truly respond if we do not completely listen?

Today God has really taught me a lesson and given me guidance that I have been needing. I am so thankful for this class where I am able to not just learn academically but spiritually as well. To learn things I can apply in my daily life with people but especially in my relationship with God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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