I remember just about a year ago for me school was a place strictly for academics. I had no intentions in the student life, being social or making friends. I honestly didn’t see the need of having a community at school because I just commuted, went for classes and had a social life outside.

But this past semester God has changed all that in the most awesome way. My major is biblical studies with a concentration in public theology, and this concentration is brand new and our class is the first to be a part of it. Therefore we only have 6 students including myself in it. Since it’s our major we end up spending a lot of time together and organically we have grown to really be unified.

To be honest at first I just considered most of them my acquaintances, then as time went I saw them as friends but today is when I really realized that they are more than that to me, we are a family.

Instead of class our professor told us to have fellowship by having a potluck at one of our friends house. During that time outside of the classroom is when I realized I truly love these people and love being in their presence. I can totally be myself, have fun and at the same time have God as the center of it all. What more could I ask for right?

Then we decided to all have dinner together also, which was the first time for us all hanging out for something not school related. So I ended up spending the majority of my day with my brothers and sisters and through that time God revealed to me how blessed and thankful I am to have such a family to do life with.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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