Today’s weather was rainy, windy, gloomy and just straight up depressing. I guess it had some effects on me because I wasn’t feeling too joyful today. Actually these past couple of days have been a little challenging and I have been encountering some spiritual warfare. To be honest it’s been a little difficult but it’s all very internal.

Today as I was driving home from school all I could think about was being isolated and having some alone time. But as soon as I walked into my room my mom’s iPad was left on a table with a show on. At first glance I was a little annoyed but then I couldn’t help but look at what was playing, standing there still with my book bag on. It was a Korean Christian talk show and the exact moment I turned to watch a pastor was answering the question “what do you do when you are going through difficult times?”

The answer he gave was not an expected answer but exactly what I needed to hear. It was unbelievable that in the exact time I walked into my room was when the show was playing and that question was asked and that answer was given. God literally stopped me in my tracks to speak to me. Through my mom’s iPad God answered a prayer and revealed to me the guidance I was in search for.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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