For our public theology class today, the 7 of us including our professor jumped into one of our friends mom’s van and went on a little field trip. Since last week every Wednesday we will be going out the city visiting ministries and communities that are serving their neighborhoods.

Today we visited a ministry ran by a couple in the town of Norwood. What they are doing to serve God and the community they live in is something I’ve never encountered before. It honestly blew my mind.

So Norwood is a urban/industrial neighborhood and what this couple does is urban farming right in their community. They have 8 gardens all around the block, in back/front yards, parks and other unique locations. They grow and harvest different fruits and vegetables, but what they do with their crop is what is truly inspiring.

From Saturday to Thursday they focus on the gardening aspect; planting, picking, cleaning, prepping etc. and on Friday, one day of the week they open up a restaurant at a community house/center they rent and sell pizza to the community that they make from all of the vegetables they have gardened.

But what’s even more shocking is that they do not have a price on the food that they sell. People pay what they want and can. Some people pay with service and helping around, some pay with compost to put in the gardens, some pay with cash and some just don’t pay at all. But they want to serve anyone and everyone to share love and the love of God from the soil of their very own community.

What a blessing it was to see such selfless servants of God and the Kingdom. A couple who puts their sweat and tears into hard work every single day just to serve and without the thoughts of being served. People who truly love God’s creations of nature and creations of people. They truly are inspirational workers of the fields of The Kingdom.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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