There’s a guy who has been a dear friend of mine for about 5 years now who is also a member of Refresh. About a year ago he had to go through a big tragedy in his life and many storms that followed. Because of the effects of it he totally disconnected from me and our community of Refresh.

I remember for months I would try to reach out but no response. Prayed prayer after prayer. I tried and tried but it came to a point where I gave up and really had to just leave it up to God and His timing.

Tonight during our time of worship at Refresh I took a step back and had a time of prayer for myself. While I was praying I heard the door open and I looked up and it was him. My jaw dropped and tears welled up.

After one year, through God’s provision he came back home. The crazy thing is the moment he walked in is when we started singing the song “come as you are” by Crowder. The lyrics couldn’t have been anymore perfect and I believe it was the heart of God revealed for my brother to hear.

So lay down your burdens

Lay down your shame

All who are broken 

Lift up your face 

Oh wanderer come home

You’re not too far 

So lay down your hurt 

Lay down your heart 

Come as your are

I was able to witness an answered prayer tonight. God brought a child back into His loving arms, just where he belongs. God’s love is relentless.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK HOME 

  1. Ahava Elle says:

    Great testimony!!!

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