Last Wednesday our public theology class took a walk around the neighborhood of our university, Price Hill. This area is known or identified for many negative things; drugs, gangs, crimes, poverty etc. to be honest it’s a place I would have never walked around if it wasn’t for my school/class but I am so thankful I was able to.

So for class today we did a poetry workshop where everyone wrote a personal reflective poem of our walk. I remember back in grade school I enjoyed writing poetry because it was a different avenue to express myself but looking now I have never written a poem about my faith. Poetry became a hobby and a joy that I have strayed away from, so having this opportunity was exciting. This is my poem:

Is Home Where the Heart Is? 

With the chilly October breeze 

Melodies of the birds in the trees 

To the leaves changing their colorful identity 

God welcomed me into His home;


As God kept gesturing with His arms 

Come in, come in 

The orange and black signs in the entrance of the other hearts kept saying 

Stay out, stay out 

Do not trespass 

What does that mean? 

Do not enter into my home? 


Do not enter into my heart? 

I’m so thankful God gave me this opportunity to look at Him in this new perspective with poetry. To have the chance to meditate and view things with a different lens and to express my heart and words in a refreshing way. Through this experience God has given me another path and method to express my heart.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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