Looking back, this past week has been crazy. Papers, tests and quizzes Monday to Wednesday, Refresh Wednesday then Atlanta from Thursday to Saturday. I have realized how much can happen in a week’s span.

For today two of our English ministry pastors were out of town so I was the only one here. So I had two sermons and had to lead the youth group as well. I tried to prepare as much as possible throughout the week but with it being so chaotic I didn’t feel as prepared as I needed to be.

Waking up this morning I felt anxious and very overwhelmed. I also felt almost guilty because I went to Atlanta to find rest for myself and didn’t prepare as much as I should’ve for this Sunday. But during our prayer meeting this morning God gave me comfort and affirmation. He gave me true peace and joy that overcame all my negative emotions.

Then I was reminded to not look upon myself for wisdom and strength but to truly let everything down and allow God to move. That is exactly what he did. Through my weaknesses and vulnerability God came through and spoke His words and heart.

After the first sermon I was honestly shocked when multiple people came up to me saying how the sermon really moved their hearts and that it was what they have been needing to hear. That’s when I knew, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t my words but it truly was God who took control and spoke. Being a servant and instrument for God is not about me but completely about Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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One thought on “NOT ABOUT ME 

  1. opticlight says:

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    God needs to be the pinpoint of my focus, and even though my experience of everyday life is not the same as IseeGodtoday’s it’s still is a valid point that God’s the one in control

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