Before I left Atlanta to head back home I met up with a dear friend of mine to catch up on life. The last time I saw him he was in a challenging season of his life and a huge life transition. I remember spending hours on prayer together and additional hours in conversation. I haven’t been able to really keep in touch since then so I wanted to see him before I left today to hear how everything has been.

His story and the journey he has been on these past few months blew me away. Quitting a path that would lead to worldly success; entitlement, money, privilege etc. to pursue a more challenging career path just to grow more in His relationship with God and to serve the kingdom. He has been going through a lot of hardship and difficulties along the road but through it all he has fully been reliant in his faith.

Everything he is going through, all the perseverance, just to be obedient to God is really admirable. To witness a brother of mine make a life change just so he can love God more has challenged me and made me think back to when I first received my calling. It’s a blessing to truly see God’s hands moving in his heart relentlessly. It is evident that God is active in my brother’s life and that has shown me that the prayers we prayed many months ago are in the process of being answered.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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