For our public theology class today we didn’t have traditional class but an activity instead. Our professor gave us a map of the town our school is in (Price Hill) with highlighted roads to walk on. We were supposed to walk these roads and then right a poem afterwards.

For people who don’t know the Cincinnati area might think this is weird or doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but Price Hill is known for being a “rough neighborhood”. Living in Cincinnati all my life, the first time I ever went to Price Hill was to go to my college. It’s a neighborhood that is frequently on the news for high criminal activity and other problems.

To be honest if it wasn’t for this class I probably would have never walked those streets. But I’m so thankful for this opportunity today because God opened my eyes in such a powerful way. The neighborhood looked beautiful, it wasn’t because I forced myself to be optimistic but genuinely everything was truly beautiful. Every person I greeted to the old houses to the flowers planted in the front yards, everything was beautiful. All my preconceptions of the area were shattered in an instance.

I was able to view this neighborhood through the eyes of God and in His eyes this place is His and through all the brokenness glimpses of God’s creation was evident. This moment challenged me to view all things, situations and circumstances through His lens and not the lens of this world or my own. Because in God’s eyes there is something good in all.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “TAKE A WALK

  1. jollymoments says:

    Amen! There is something good in all of us. We just have to open our eyes to see it. Beautiful post. And, yes I did see God today 😊.

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