This past weekend has been a little overwhelming for me having to study with many other things on top of that. Last night was crunch time to do my last minute studies for my history of Christianity exam today. Yesterday is when the anxiety and stress kicked in causing me to hit the breaking point.

Even though it was challenging throughout the weekend I was able to get a good amount of studying done. I made over a hundred flash cards of important information I thought was going to be on the exam. When I woke up this morning I was pretty nervous but at the same time pretty confident because I memorized almost all of the note cards I made.

Then it was time for the exam. Before I started I looked through all the questions and that’s when I realized only about a fourth of what I studied on my note cards was on the exam. I over studied. At first I became very angry and frustrated with myself knowing that countless of hours studying certain material wasn’t even on the test.

Since I studied such a variety of things I didn’t get to focus as much as I should have on the actually content that was on the exam. But overall I think I did a pretty good job but I was still upset with myself and agitated.

Following the exam I continued to beat myself up about how I studied but that’s when God gave me a realization. This was a true learning lesson from me. Due to this experience now I have a better understanding of how I need to prepare for the next 3 exams left for this class. This was more positive than negative and the reality is, atleast I studied more than less.

This showed me how God is continuing to work on me not only in my calling in ministry but my calling as a student. He is shaping me and molding me to do better in my academics. And now looking back I am thankful God is using these moments to make me better for the tasks ahead.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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