A handful of months back in Refresh we went around and shared something that we wanted to implement in our daily lives of faith that we were lacking in or wanted more of. Then we picked accountability partners who would remind you every day to do the task you set. But to be honest it fizzled out and no one continued to do pursue it, except for one person.

The thing that I wanted to do was spend more intentional personal time with God every night. A time that was for me and my relationship with God. The one who volunteered to remind me every day was the guy I mentor. To be really honest I was doubted him and that he would forget at times, but to this day he is the one who has continued daily to remind me.

Since it’s been many months of getting the same text every night saying “don’t forget to spend time with God” I started to overlook it. There has been nights where I don’t even open the text. But tonight I was driving and it was about 11pm and I still didn’t get a text and it made me think about it. As soon as I thought that my phone buzzed and it was him.

I am so thankful for that. And the sad reality is I haven’t been as thankful as I should be. But tonight I realized how awesome it is to have someone encourage me to draw closer to God every single day. It could be seen as just another person telling me to spend time with God but I believe it’s God speaking through him every night saying “spend time with ME”.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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