I was in service this morning and I looked over and saw one of my former youth boys who just started at Ohio State this fall. It was his first time visiting since going off to college so it was a pleasant surprise to see him. I was exciting to hear how he was doing in this new chapter of his life.

During lunch I was able to sit and talk for a few moments with him and catch up. That’s when he shared with me that he hasn’t been going to church since he has been up there due to his busy schedule and still trying to figure things out with his new life in college. That broke my heart to hear that because I know what a young man of God he truly is and his love and passion for the Lord. To know that his faith has been drifting was hard to take in.

The reality is I totally understand where he is coming from and the thoughts that are running through his mind. But I couldn’t just let him be, so I started to casually give him advice and hear him out. I believe the words I was saying was from God and it moved him in some way. That’s when he grabbed my hand and promised me that he will start going to church next Sunday.

What a blessing it was to see him take a step back and really see himself and God in his situation. While talking to him I realized all that we need as Christians sometimes is a little sense of direction and guidance to get us back on track. I’m thankful and blessed God wanted to move through me to provide that to my brother.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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