I had the blessed opportunity to lead the youth service tonight cause our youth pastor is out of town. The moment he asked me to lead I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I was filled with excitement since yesterday. So this past Wednesday for Refresh we did an encouragement circle type of thing where everyone would go around and speak life into each other but the twist was that the individual had to encourage themselves too. When we did that on Wednesday I thought it would be great to do with the youth also, and of course perfect timing God gave opened the door.

The group tonight was awesome because we had a very diverse group. A handful of 7th graders who have only been in youth group for a few months now, a new member and our upperclassmen too.

Before we did the activity I had the kids go on their own and spend intimate time with God to ask Him for His eyes to see themselves with. So they can see the beauty, gifts and strengths within them. Then we got back together in a circle and shared as well as encouraged eachother.

I know that in their age they go through a lot of identity struggle, self doubt and self pity. So it was a true blessing to witness these kids speak life into themselves and to realize how beautiful God has created them to be. The reality is, it’s pretty easy to be loved at times by others but the true challenge is to love yourself, so to see these kids pour love into their own hearts was amazing. To see them discover the treasures God has placed in their hearts was priceless.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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One thought on “LOVE YOURSELF 

  1. A lovely post. If you don’t love yourself, it will be hard to love another.

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