As I was driving home after classes today I turned on Spotify and went on discovery mode to check out some new songs. While I was shuffling through I saw a song that I have been listening to for years now covered by someone I have never heard of before. I really like cover songs of worship but usually because of the musical elements, I like to hear what changes different artists make and how they make it their own. But this song hit me in a very special way.

I remember the first time hearing/singing this song about 3 years ago while I was with YWAM in Hawaii. I remember how the lyrics, melody and simplicity of this song really struck a chord in my heart. We used to always sing this song before starting gatherings or doing evangelism etc. The reason I fell in love with this song then was because it was a song that allowed me to take a step back and be aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in my heart and in my surroundings.

Back then it wasn’t really a popular song and I didn’t hear it around as much, but now this song is extremely popular, on the radio and led at church. I still love it but what I have realized was that it lost the value it used to have for me. I feel like I sing and listen to it now because I like the song/the music rather than the heart of it.

But today as I was driving when this version started to play something happened. In that moment, in my heart and in my car the Holy Spirit moved. What began as just a casual listen during a drive became a a true “God moment”. I was taken back 3 years ago to the first time I heard this song. My heart felt just like it did back then. These words were more than a song but a cry of my heart. In that moment God brought me to a place of pure, heartfelt worship.

Musical worship cannot be just based on the music, it’s more than the rhythm, melody or lyrics. It’s about the heart that it encourages. When I sing this song am I “feeling it” because I like the song? Or am I really giving worship to God?

I saw God today.

Did you?

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