Left the house at 9:30am this morning and got back at 11:30pm. Consisted of classes, reading my text book, preparing things for the week and most importantly writing a paper for my history of Christianity class. It was a 14hour day with minimal breaks. It has been one long day to say the least.

I am not a morning person and especially not a morning person on Monday’s. But this morning the moment I woke up I was really intentional in being happy since I knew it was going to be a busy day. I succeeded for the first handful of hours but halfway into my 2 and a half hour long class my happiness started to drift far far away. That is when I realized being happy is a very intentional thing. So I continued throughout the day to remind my self to be happy and not overwhelmed, which obviously wasn’t easy.

After working on my paper for hours on end I was able to finally finish. The moment the finished product came out of the printer I couldn’t help but smile and give myself a pat on the back. Even though I was extremely tired and couldn’t wait to get home I made myself end the day on a good note rather than being exhausted. So before I went out to my car I went to a spot on campus that has an amazing view of downtown to reflect on my day and end in prayer.

The moment I stood there and took a deep breath and felt the cool breeze I couldn’t help but be filled with joy and peace. As soon as I started praying I was overwhelmed with things I have been thankful for today that I didn’t realize in the midst of the busyness. Things like not feeling sick anymore after I was all weekend, having the motivation to persevere all day, being aware of God’s presence with me and having wisdom to complete all my work. What a blessing it was to end my day in conversation with God with a smile on my face.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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