This weekend has been a little rough, feeling under the weather. Yesterday was the worst and I was a little worried thinking I might not be in good shape for today to deliver a sermon and do other things for church. I woke up not feeling good and running a little late and just feeling completely out of it.

But as soon as worship started for the first service I was able to get my mind of myself and focus on God. In the moment of being in worship the only thing that mattered was giving my heart to God. God allowed me to have 3 opportunities of worship today and in each time it was an opportunity to be set free from being sick.

It’s amazing to witness how things can change when we are in the presence of God. When we are before God and giving Him praise nothing else matters. Honestly since church I’m starting to feel a little sick again but I believe that’s a reminder from God to continue to remain in His presence and remain in worship.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “3 DOSES OF WORSHIP

  1. Ahava Elle says:

    Praying that you feel better! Thanks for your amazing blog!

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