I was in class this afternoon taking a quiz when the unexpected happen. The classroom I was in is on the bottom floor of our worship and ministry building. Directly above the room is our chapel.

While taking the quiz which was on the nature of God the room was silent. Then all of a sudden I hear a loud echoe of instruments from the chapel above. The instruments continued to play and then the vocals came in and they were singing the song “Forever” by Kari Jobe.

I’ve taken classes in this room many times before but I have never heard worship during class times come from the chapel. They never practice in there when classes are in session so it was really surprising.

As I looked around the room I saw some of my classmates look a little annoyed and distracted from the music because we were taking a quiz. But for me I was honestly in awe.

To be honest I started off the day a little burdened and anxious with a lot of the things to do today. Honestly worship wasn’t on my mind. But in that moment, an unexpected moment, random as can be, God brought worship to my ears and into my heart.

One of the verses from the song states, “Forever He is glorified, Forever He is lifted high”. Those words were exactly what I needed to hear and it brought me back to the heart of worship that I was lacking. God encouraged me in the middle of class, during a quiz, to glorify Him and lift His name up in all that I do. God is quite humorous sometimes in the way He moves and reveals Himself to us.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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