In our public theology class we have been focusing on the idea of dualism. How we separate so many things in our world as spiritual/reality or Christian/secular. But the focus is how these things don’t actually have to be separated but rather can be unified.

Our professor is a yoga instructor and we talked last week how many people have this notion that yoga is related to religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and how some Christians have a negative view of yoga (even though it is increasingly getting better). She was saying how even though yoga isn’t seen as a typical form of “worship” or action of faith, she encounters God a lot through doing yoga.

So for class today we didn’t have lecture but rather had a yoga class. The intention was to encounter God through a so called secular activity to combine secular with the spiritual. To be honest I had no idea to expect because I have no knowledge of yoga at all.

When we walked into the class room all the tables were moved to the side, candles were lit and very peaceful background music was playing. Then she led us into some stretches and poses. At first it was really awkward and we were all giggling but further we got into it we gained an appreciation and had an open mind.

For every stretch she emphasized on breathing. To breathe in the breath and love God and to exhale that into the world. It was such a unique experience. I moved in ways I have never moved before but through it all I was overwhelmed by a sense of true peace.

To finish off we all laid down with the lights off and continued to focus on breathing. Then she read scripture while we meditated. Words can’t explain the feeling I had. I started my day with a lot on my mind and feeling anxious but in that moment all of that disappeared. All I knew was that I was in the presence of God, receiving true rest and peace.

I’m that moment I tuned out every distraction and was able to focus in on the God. I experienced intimacy with the lord that I haven’t in a very long time. Who knew that doing yoga during class would become such an intimate time with God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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