In one of my classes we have been focusing on Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5. These verses are filled with key essential teachings of Jesus. It’s been really interesting to read and study this sermon. Yesterday for an assignment our professor assigned each person in the class a specific teaching/set of verses to analyze and dig deeper into.

I was assigned Matthew 5:33-37 which is Jesus’ teaching on oaths. At first I wanted to change and pick a different because it didn’t seem that applicable to me or interesting. But I decided to stick with it and continue to look at it closely.

After reading these verses and commentary on it multiple times it started to really strike a chord. I realized how important these teachings were and how relatable and needed it was for today’s Christians.

Since studying these verses God has opened up 3 opportune moments to use this teaching in conversation with people. But today I saw these verses really come alive and become applicable to someone in particular. It was exactly what one of my brothers needed to hear.

I have realized through that moment that the words of Jesus and His teachings were not only meant for His people in His times but are still alive and needed today. It’s amazing to see the same teachings that were taught thousands of years ago still be in motion now.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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