What a day it has been. Nonstop God has revealed Himself to me all throughout the day. The thing He continued to emphasize on and had my eyes open to was the element of vulnerability.

To be honest being vulnerable is one thing I struggle with. It’s an idea and concept that I try to follow but find myself only executing partially. It’s something I always want to improve on but find so difficult to do. But today God has revealed how powerful being vulnerable can be.

I had a meeting with two sisters from Refresh to talk about taking servant roles in our ministry. It was such a blessing and humbling at the same time to really hear their honest hearts, concerns, questions and opinions. I understand that it’s not always the easiest thing to be completely honest with the leader of a ministry but to witness how open they were and see their vulnerability encouraged me to act that out to them also.

But it didn’t stop there. For Refresh tonight we tried something new for the first time. We met at a park to have fellowship, worship and do an activity to start off our new series/focus for the month of September which is Romans 12:4-8. The title of this month is “I’m Different”. The hope is to realize and accept our differences within the community but also understand that God can use our difference to form us into one body.

I was nervous about our activity because we have never done anything like it before and I was afraid that it was going to be a fail, but God prevailed and allowed it to be a very touching time for me personally. I got the idea from the movie Freedom Writers. We all stood in a line and I asked a question and if it pertained to us we would take a step forward. I had about 13 questions prepared but it went way quicker than I expected but I didn’t feel like we should end, so I opened the floor for anyone who had questions and that’s when God really moved.

It was amazing to see how vulnerable everyone was. To ask the hard questions they had on their hearts and to see our brothers and sisters take their honest steps in response. It was a huge blessing to discover honest feelings that I have never known about some of our members. But personally it was a great opportunity and chance for me to be vulnerable and open to my brothers and sisters.

Through today God has truly challenged me to be vulnerable and to live out vulnerability through my ministry. I have also seen the importance of vulnerability and the power that it holds and also the freedom that comes from it.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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