It has been one long day. Maybe since it was a 3 day weekend but today was a real struggle. Went to class, then had a one-on-one, back to class, chiropractor, Starbucks to do homework, went to the airport to pick up my sister, dinner, back to Starbucks to do more homework. Through it all I was so drained and physically tired.

I honestly asked myself, when is God going to show up? I felt like everything I was doing was a drag and was dry. I realized I wasn’t really looking for God and the only thing that was on my mind was to finish my day. Then of course God showed up in a very unexpected way.

I really didn’t feel like going to the airport because I had so much I needed to do but my mom asked me to go so I went. We parked and walked in and was standing next to the baggage claim waiting. That’s when I couldn’t help but notice these two women standing next to me with a sign with someone’s name on it. They looked so excited to the point they couldn’t contain themselves. They were smiling and jumping up and down continuously looking down the escalator to see if the person they were waiting for has arrived.

Then all of a sudden I see them freeze up and start freaking out. The person they have been waiting for comes up the escalator. The person with the sign starts to run and the person who arrived starts to run and they meet eachother halfway with a warm embrace followed by tears.

The moment I saw this I couldn’t help but smile and forget about everything that has been on my mind. That’s when God spoke to me. I didn’t know their story, who these people were, why they were crying, where this person was coming from, nothing. But through them I was able to receive a personal message from God.

Just like this women running to the ones who were waiting for her, God wants me to run to him. He is waiting for me. He is always waiting for me. Waiting with excitement to embrace me. But the question is am I wanting to run to Him? To meet Him halfway?

I saw God today.

Did you?

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