If I could describe today in one word it would be peaceful. What a day filled with joy and peace of the Lord. I am so thankful to God for lavishing His love and peace unto me relentlessly.

Since we didn’t have 1:30 service this afternoon I was able to leave right after youth group. I can’t remember the last time I left church before 3pm so it was extremely refreshing. It was weird, I almost felt like I didn’t deserve this time but God reminded me to just accept His love and blessings.

From church I started my drive to Lake Erie to meet up with my parents for a mini-vacation. They were there since yesterday but I had to head up a day later due to church. The drive was about 3 and half hours and every single minute of it was awesome. I had my windows down the whole time embracing the fall-like weather God has blessed us with while soaking in the sun. The best part of the drive was being able to have a 3 and half hour full-on personal worship time. It was such a rejuvenating time to just sing out my heart to God while adoring the nature around me.

After arriving I went out to a park with my parents and aunt and uncle to grill out next to the lake. While I stood there feeling the cool breeze upon my face and hearing the waves crash I felt so free. No worries, burdens or anxiety. Just immersed in peace. It was something I really needed and God provided. I’m so blessed for His unending love and grace.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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