Every Tuesday and Thursday I get together a former youth student who now goes to school with me for 1 on 1 bible study/discipleship. We finished the previous book we were on so we decided to start a new one today and we chose to go over Jonah.

While reading the first chapter today before meeting up it was a very nostalgic moment. The story of Jonah was one I meditated and reflected on a lot in the beginning of my calling into ministry a few years ago. I specifically remember when I was in Hawaii in 2013 reading this book in the prayer room for my personal quiet time. During that season of my life Jonah’s story especially in chapter 1 was really relatable.

God called Jonah to do His works and go to Nineveh and Jonah refused and attempted to run away from God’s calling. That’s exactly what I did when I was first called to go into ministry. So I remember how personal this story was to me during that season of discernment in my life.

I haven’t really looked into this book since that time. So seeing where I am today and reading those same words really touched my heart. But today I found a new meaning and new application through his story.

God’s callings never stop. Even though the calling into ministry was huge, after that God continues to call me to do different things for His kingdom. This story reminded me to be obedient like I was back then. To always listen to Him and follow His heart.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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