What a fruitful day it has been with God. Literally all day God has used people, circumstances, music, the weather etc. to speak to me. To teach me things. To give me the guidance that I need.

God used my classes to teach me things in two ways. Academically/wisdom and personal faith. In my history of Christianity class I was able to learn a lot about interesting facts and truths on the apostles and the early church. It’s such a blessing to gain wisdom on the roots of my faith that I have never been aware of.

Then in my second class I learned from not just the class but through my professor. Not just as a teacher but as a person and a fellow Christian leader. She showed vulnerability and told us about her personal struggles, doubts and relationship with God. Honestly you don’t see much of that from many professors. Through her humility and vulnerability I was encouraged to do the same in my ministry and with my relationships.

Then at refresh tonight God started to really reveal a lot about myself. He opened my eyes to my brokenness. He humbled me tonight by letting me realize there is still so much to learn about Him. I am not just a leader but I’m a member also who has room to grow.

After church I was a little overwhelmed with how much God has been moving throughout my day and then this song came on:

It spoke to me in the most perfect ways to end my day. The words that really touched my heart were:

Through the fire we are restored. From the fire we are reborn. Take all impurity and I’ll stand holy in your name. 

Going through a transition period in my ministry these words seemed like a perfect message from God. To look upon the fire as a blessing and let the fire do its works.

All day today God has taught me things and I am so thankful that God is always wanting to reveal and teach. It’s amazing how obvious God can be when we are aware.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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