It’s been almost 9 months now since my dad’s injury, 9 months without being able to fully walk, work and go to church. Since our church is an extremely old building there are many stairs and isn’t really handicap friendly so that has prohibited him from going. But what I’m truly thankful for the fully supportive church family that is always reaching out to him.

Today one of our church members who is really special to our hearts came to visit our home for lunch. He is an 86 year old man who I call “grandpa” that I’ve known all my life. Since he is getting older in age and having a hard time seeing he can’t really drive so he can only come to our house if he gets a ride. It’s already been 4 years since he has visited.

As we were around the dining table eating lunch I became very emotional just looking at him. Seeing him at our house brought back many memories of my grandpa who passed away 9 years ago. This man was my grandpa’s closest friend and I remember when I was little he would visit all the time. Whenever he used to come over he always brought me boxes of cereal so we gave him the nickname “cereal grandpa”.

As we were eating and having conversation I couldn’t help but see the joy of the Lord in his heart. He is 86 years old and lives only with his wife who has become really weak. He does the laundry, cooks, cleans and does everything. While he was telling us all this he didn’t complain one bit but kept on saying “I am young” with a smile on his face. One thing that he loves talking about is God.

That’s when I thought to myself. When I’m 86 years old will I still be that energetic, joyful, optimistic, filled with joy and have God on the tip of my tongue? He has encouraged me to strive to live a life fully based on God so when I am old and weak one day I can still smile and talk about Jesus.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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One thought on “WHEN I’M 86

  1. Whenever I see him, I always think of Grandpa ❤

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