There is a girl in youth group that I have been able to witness grow in the past few years she has been in our community. Just like everyone else in the group she really is something special. The biggest thing that shines about her is her heart of worship.

She has the voice that pierces through any loud room. That voice becomes radiant during worship. She sings not with just words but from the cries of her heart because she genuinely loves God. She is the type to not care at all about how she sounds and only cares about giving praise to God.

But the thing about her is that her circumstances aren’t always the greatest which prohibits her from being able to come out to church all the time. Some may use her attendance as a reason to judge her faith but I don’t and haven’t at all. Why? Because I know her genuine heart for God. I have always confidently known that God will use that heart in amazing ways and today was a moment when that was revealed.

Even though she is a loud and outgoing person she isn’t the type to be that way in front of a large crowd. She is the type that serves in the background but God chose her today to use her in the foreground.

Today she joined the praise team for our first service as a vocalist. Many probably didn’t expect that but to be honest I knew this was going to happen. I knew God wanted to use that heart of worship to spread this heart to others. I was beyond blessed to see her being used today for the kingdom. To witness her heart being poured out in worship and leading us in that heart.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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